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About Expanda

Company History

Expanda was founded in 1990 and has been successfully operating on the Macedonian market for 32 years now. It started as a company selling domestic and foreign products in duty free shops.

1992 - Builds strong and stable cooperation with its suppliers, especially with the globally renowned tobacco company Philip Morris.

1999 - Signs its first cooperation, direct logistics and trade agreement with Philip Morris – leading company in the tobacco industry and, at the same time, becomes exclusive regional distributor of Tutunski Kombinat Prilep.

2004 - Signs an agreement with Philip Morris for commercial and marketing services on the Macedonian market. This pushes us to create new energetic work teams, new sales methods and improve the business relations with our collaborators. Fully equipped, with high quality distribution system, professional operation, increased service capacity, ethical and transparent cooperation with all its strategic partners, Expanda is constantly growing.

2007 - Expanda enters the market of telecommunications services and products by signing the agreement with the mobile operator А1 (than VIP ) for distribution on the territory of Macedonia.

2008-2014 - Expanda is appointed as EXCLUSIVE IMPORTER and distributor of Philip Morris' portfolio throughout the Republic of Macedonia. Constantly growing and developing, it starts offering import and custom clearance services, warehousing, sales and delivery, worldwide logistics solutions for all its partners.

2014 - Signs an agreement with the newly established company Philip Morris Tutunski Kombinat Prilep (FMTKP), established by a joint venture between PM and TKP.

2014 - As a result of the professional management of the business processes and services, Expanda obtains the ISO 9001 certificate.

2015 - Beginning of the collaboration with Red Bull. New fronts are opened for new teams, management and sales teams are expanding, investments are being made in new equipment. Expanda is growing.

2017 - Expanda signs business cooperation agreement with the State Lottery of Macedonia.

Expanda nurtures the trend of implementing new techniques, investing in existing and new human resources, training and improving the performance of our teams.

In these times of modern management, Expanda continuously invests in the opportunities and challenges of digitalization and IT skills. We cover all aspects of technology - social, mobile, analytical and computer networks, which improve the climate of business innovation and social operation.

2022 - Beginning of the collaboration with Oleum, extra virgin olive oils.

Mission and Vision


To be committed and to provide the best logistics in distribution. To deliver the easiest customer supply on the market with high quality products and long term relationships with our partners. To make the purchase faster, easier and the most enjoyable experience possible - enabled by the pioneering ideas from our employees.


To become the best distribution center for the region - Via EXPANDA.


• Promoting responsible growing practices that help create a more stable climate.
• Giving back to the communities where we do business.
• Serving the highest-quality ethical trade.

Social Responsibility

Sports are an important part of every society and bring people together.
Sports are significant influential parameter in people's lives and shape the culture of a country. The professional athletes play a huge role in the economy of a society and act as promoters of physical and mental well-being.

Our goal is to participate in donations in sports, in order to raise awareness in the business world for the need of its contribution.

One of the most important aspects of any culture is the tradition, defined by long-standing beliefs, practices and customs passed on from one generation to the next one.

In Macedonia, the Orthodox Christmas Eve (Badnik) is celebrated traditionally with a custom ceremony, which Expanda supports financially for 18 years now, and will continue to do so in the future.

Macedonian folk dances are an integral part of the Macedonian tradition.
Being highly distinctive, specific and unique in their core values, they have been an inspiration for many writers and artists. One of the best examples of this is the folk dance under the auspices of UNESCO - "Teskoto", which inspired one of the most prominent poems in the Macedonian literature, written by Blaze Koneski.

In order to preserve the tradition of the folk dances, EXPANDA supports financially the Folklore Ensemble Mirce Acev at the annual folklore festival held in Prilep, Macedonia.

Since its founding in 1992, EXPANDA has been actively involved in the following humanitarian activities:

- Supporting homes and health institutions;

- Food donations;

- Blood donations;

- Raising funds for families in need.

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