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Social Responsibilities

Expanda’s mission is defined through the responsibilities it has to its shareholders and its employees, the duty to maximize profit and avoid harm, but also through the care for the society welfare, and the commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are actively involved in humanitarian care and welfare care for the society, and we have the goal to improve the quality of life in the communities, customs and tradition, sport and health.

Sports are an important part of just about every society; sports bring people together.

Sports are significant influential parameter in people's lives and health and it shapes the country’s culture.

We aim to participate in sports sponsorships with the goal to raise the awareness of the general business society about their commitment to contribute.

Professional athles play a huge part in the economy of the society, acting as pioneers of the wellbeing that affects our state of mind as well.

Tradition defined in the long-standing beliefs, practices and customs that have been handed down from one generation to the next, is possibly one of the most important aspects of every culture.

In Macedonia, the day before Christmas – Badnik - is celebrated traditionally, with a custom ceremony. For 18 years now, Expanda has been supporting the traditional ceremony of this day, and plans to continue its activities in the future.

Macedonian folklore dance is an inevitable part of the long-standing Macedonian tradition.

As being highly distinctive, specific and unique in its core values, it has been an inspiration for a number of writers and artists.

Among these writers is Blaze Konevski and its work - Teskoto (name of a folklore dance) - which today is protected by UNESKO. With the aim to preserve the tradition of the folklore dance,
Expanda is sponsoring the folklore club - Mirce Acev - on the annual folklore festival held in Prilep, Macedonia.

Since the beginning in 1992 Expanda has been actively participating in the following humanitarian activities:

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